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About Quality Mosquitonet

We all are concerned about the health of our family and loved ones. We always try to give them the best of the options to enhance their wellbeing. These days’ mosquito borne diseases like malaria, filaria, dengue, chikungunya, high fever are hugely prevalent. Most of us are having sleepless nights because of mosquitoes. To protect from these mosquito bites we normally use Mosquito repellents and coils which actually are more dangerous than mosquitoes.

We have a solution to tackle this problem in the form of a specially designed ecofriendly mosquito net(Imported & Terelyne made),which protects us from mosquitoes. We automatically get protected from any other insects/flies which might attack our people during sleep. As this mosquito net is portable,easy to carry and use, we still can give the protection to our loved ones whichever place they are at. Using this product, indirectly and ultimately saves us from the side effects of toxic mosquito repellents which might cause CANCER(Please Watch Here).

The launch of this product (Quality mosquito net) in the market has got tremendous response from the corporate world. Employees were very much interested to know more information about this product as it not only solves the problem of sleepless nights/disturbed sleep but also saves the kids from mosquito borne diseases & exposure to harmful mosquito repellents/coils. Our prime motive behind launch of this product is to build a healthy society & fight against the deadly diseases caused by mosquito bites.

A unique, stylish & hassle-free double bed mosquito net that helps you stay away from mosquito and insect bites. Made of durable materials, it designed using spring steel technology which has a metal spring frame and quite easy to setup and fold. So no need to hunt for places to hang hooks or ropes to hold up the net. The portability advantage facilitates flexibility to use it anywhere, anytime. The tough galvanized flexible steel keeps the net in a perfect shape at all times

Key Features:

  • Keeps you away from mosquitoes & insect bites offering comfortable sleep.
  • Protects you from Harmful mosquito repellents & coils which may cause lung cancer
  • Light weight & easy to carry anywhere
  • Easy to set up, fold & Store(with free storage bag)
  • Unique, Stylish & Portable
  • Can be used on the bed, floor or outdoors / any place
  • Ideal for camping and outdoor adventure activities
  • Flexible steel keeps the net in a perfect shape
  • Washable & convenient to use
  • Quality & Durability assured